1. Gain Credibility

Consumers use the internet more and more to find the service of product they need. If you have a website you will achieve credibility and customers will buy off you rather than a company that does not have a website.
If you are a small business working from home you won’t have a shop front so you will need a website to get noticed.
Matching your Email address to your website address also shows your professional approach to business. How many vehicle adverts have you seen today where a website is given but the contact email is only a Gmail account? That doesn’t look good does it?

2. Cost Efficiency

A website is more cost effective than a regular newspaper advert or the production cost of flyers. Also, a website is always available. A newspaper advert today is a bag of chips tomorrow.

3. Information

A website is easily updated and can reflect any changes in your business, services or products. You can use your website to announce promotions, events and new products.

4. 24×7

Your website is accessible 24×7.

5. Time saving

If you put your brochure on your website, or you want to share tips or give advice on your website, you will inevitably save time providing a FAQ page or articles pages that will save you time on tiger phone or replying to Emails.

6. Showcase

Use the gallery to showcase your excellent work. Include client testimonials that will serve as referrals for new customers.

7. Social Media assistant

If you use Twitter and Facebook as tools in your business promotion toolbox you can use your website as the reference base. A Tweet can only contain 140 characters. So why not keep your Tweet short, and therefore easy to read, but link it to a page on your website where you can elaborate your point.