The Factory Manager application is a simple to use tool for managers and supervisors to use in a manufacturing environment to track a job around the various processes from order, though manufacturing, to delivery.

The benefit of the application is to increase the shop floor efficiency through observing the process flow and identify bottlenecks and idle periods.

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Feature Overview

Factory Manager is a web based application which means it is accessed through a browser and is compatible with:

  • Desktop Computer (Windows or Mac)
  • Laptop Computer (Windows or Mac)
  • Tablet (Android or Apple)
  • Mobile Phone (Android or Apple)

The system is role based, so you will typically have 2 types of users of the system:-

Progress chaser/Supervisor.  Will typically walk the manufacturing shop floor and update each progress stage of a job via a tablet.

Manager.  The Manager task is split into several functions; Create Jobs for the Supervisor to monitor. Observe job progress. Print progress reports.

A Client database is included for Jobs to be assigned to.

Every Job is assigned a workflow.  This specifies the process flow for every job.  Any number of Workflow templates can be created that match your diversity of process flow.

Detailed Feature List

[Visit our view library to see each of these features in action.]


User management

  • Add, Modify and Delete users of the system

Client database

  • Add, Modify and Delete your Clients

Workflow template editor

  • Create Job grouped actions
  • Create individual tasks/operations for each group
  • Define Group dependencies and flow

Job creation

  • Link to Client
  • Set Delivery Date
  • Set Delivery address
  • Add Special Instructions
  • Add supporting Documents (PDF/images)

Job Management

  • Make ad-hoc changes to workflow
  • Set operation Start/End time
  • Set Group deadlines
  • View Associated Documents
  • View Special Instructions
  • Confirm Job Complete

Job Monitoring

  • All data login is timestamped with the persons name
  • Print PDF progress report at any time
  • View colour coded individual Job progress
  • View colour coded Job progress for all current Jobs
  • Observe deadline alerts

Custom Features

As every scenario where Factory Manager is used will have different requirements we can customise the system to suit your special needs.  As an example here is a list of features that are not listed above but you might find useful in your implementation:-

Enhanced data analysis

  • Complete Job process time report: to measure your efficiency
  • Job idle time detail report: to identify inefficiencies/bottlenecks
  • Operation variation durations: to identify task/operations that might take longer to complete

Enhanced Data Reporting

  • Export to spreadsheet for specialised analysis

User segregation

  • Add more user types to add more granularity to a user’s privileges.

Enhanced visual reporting

  • Add analysis to a dashboard for Manager’s reports


  • Add email/SMS alert reporting for key events; Deadline exceeded, Job created, Job completed

This list is only a sample of some requirements users are asking for.  Your needs may vary.  If you need something which is not on the list then call us now to discuss.

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